The Most Common Food Allergies Around

common food allergiesPeople who suffer from food allergies are often in for a miserable time if they don’t get it under control. There are some common food allergies that will be hard to deal with if it is not handled properly. The best thing a person can do in order to help themselves out with these allergies is to go to the doctor and get blood work done, to get a list of which allergies one has. By doing this, people will be able to get cures and will know to avoid these foods and be more conscious about how their meals are prepared.

When it comes to food allergies, studies show that 90 percent of people who suffer from them, deal with just eight different foods. Those who suffer from these allergies will typically deal with sneezing and wheezing, rashes and stomach problems, among other potential food allergy symptoms.

Cow’s Milk

Milk is one of the most common allergies when it comes to food, but should not be confused with lactose intolerance and other similar issues. People that deal with these allergies might break out in rashes and might contend with many forms of stomach discomfort and other sorts of problems.


Peanut allergies are incredibly common amongst people, and can be one of the most dangerous among those food allergies. The problem with peanut allergies is that most people do not grow out of it, as they might with other forms of allergies. Also, these peanuts can cause breathing problems and even cardiac arrest. People will need to be sure that you are able to get this type of allergy diagnosed as quickly as possible, in order to make sure that they can take precautionary measures and avoid certain restaurants, since a lot of food is cooked in peanut oil.


Egg allergies are more common in children, as adults typically grow out of it over some time. However, some adults never grow out of it, and deal with egg allergies their entire lives. When contending with egg allergies, it is important to stay vigilant and aware, because eggs are often mixed into food as an ingredient during preparation, and is not visibly present. Those who deal with egg allergies should make sure that they do all that they can to understand it and do all that they can in order to beat the allergy. This will allow them to not have to deal with the symptoms.

The best thing that people should do is to have allergists who can provide the recommended medicines and treatments, because this can save people a world of hurt. Anybody who wants to get the best out of their quality of life should become aware of these common food allergies, and make sure that they do what they can in order to receive help and assistance. When that is what a person needs, they should be sure that they do everything possible to get help with these allergies.