Do You Have A Rare Allergy To Alcohol?

A large percentage of people enjoy taking time out from work and hectic days to have a few social drinks with friends. Taking the edge off is key to relieving stress, and as long as you don’t take alcohol too far, you’re not going to really affect your health in a negative way. However, while many people worry about maintaining this control, what if your issue was that you actually have an allergy to alcohol?

allergy to alcoholWhile alcohol allergies are quite rare, the adverse reactions can be extremely serious. There are many ingredients that can be found in alcohol, and the allergies often stem from one or more of these individual ingredients, such as yeast, barley, rye, gluten, and wheat. People mix up alcohol allergies with tolerance levels and much more, since alcohol does cause impairment. Truth be told, people need to know if they have an alcohol allergy because alcoholic drinks should then be truly avoided.

There has been research on the matter, specifically concerning ALDH2 or aldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme is what helps break down the alcohol in the liver. People do have vinegar allergies as well, and when the liver breaks down the alcohol to this substance, this can cause a severe reaction for starters. Others suffer from not even being able to convert the alcohol due to having an allergy, and this can be extremely serious and harmful to your body. It is widely accepted that this happens more to the Asian population, so know that you are predisposed if you are within this ethnic category.

Alcohol is also known to complicate other allergies that people have. So if you’re wondering what the consequences are for having an allergy to alcohol, it’s more than just the side effects themselves but also works in conjunction with other allergies from time to time. Studies also suggest that alcohol can produce histamines in certain people due to the yeast and bacteria. This is going to cause allergy symptoms, such as a stuffy nose or itchy eyes.

Obviously, avoiding alcohol altogether is the best remedy and solution. However, since alcohol represents a social release in most people’s minds, it’s hard for many to stay away from. Especially if all of your friends are drinking margaritas and you’re stuck with a coke, this can be extremely frustrating. That being said, if you think you have an allergy, you’re going to want to get the specifics from your doctor.

As mentioned, different circumstances can arise, so it’s important you know what your setbacks are. If you’re going to choose to drink alcohol anyway, this is the only way to have a chance to control symptoms and be in control. If you have asthma, realize that alcoholic beverages that are high in sulfates can exacerbate your symptoms. If you have an allergy to sulfates, you can experience hives and other symptoms as well. Bottom line, if you think you have alcohol allergies, it’s best you know exactly what you’re facing.